VIP Subscription Notice

Effective as of 6/25/2018

April VIP Privilege Details

April VIP can use most of the paid posters in the APP for free during the valid period of their VIP. If a VIP does not renew his/her account within the time limit, he/she will not be able to continue enjoying those privileges. April VIP can use most of the stickers in the store for free during the valid period of their VIP. If the VIP expires without renewing the fees, they will no longer be able to enjoy those privileges. April VIP can block certain ads within the app while their VIP is valid.

Auto Renewal Service Statement

Payment: The user confirms the purchase and pays it with their iTunes account; Automatic renewal: Apple iTunes account will be deducted within 24 hours before expiration. After successful deduction, April will be automatically extended for 1 month; Unsubscribing: To cancel renewal, manually turn off automatic renewals in iTunes/AppleID setup 24 hours before the current subscription period expires;

April VIP Terms of Use

VIP have all the privileges described within the April store during the valid period of their VIP. Privilege content will be adjusted in accordance with the changes in the "April VIP privileges and interests". Once content changes, April will publish the revised content directly in the April store. The rights of April VIP are limited to those who use paid accounts, and cannot be transferred between April accounts. Gifting, loaning, renting, transfering, or sale is prohibited. Otherwise, April reserves the right to cancel the transfer of the account number and the VIP of the transferee account without notice, and the resulting losses shall be borne by the transferor and the transferee. April prohibits VIP from transferring the use rights of film and television VIPs privately, with or without compensation, in order to avoid disputes arising from accounts. VIP shall be responsible for any losses caused by the breach of this requirement, and April reserves the right to pursue the above-mentioned legal liability. No VIP may publish content (including private content) in April that is illegal, obscene, insulting or includes personal attacks. Once discovered, April has the right to cancel the VIP without any compensation or refund. The contents of the VIP services provided by April are for personal use only and may not be used for any commercial, profitable purposes, etc. Otherwise, VIP shall be liable for losses caused to April or any other third-party service providers.

April VIP monthly service rules

If you need to use VIP continuous monthly services, you must agree to this rule. You understand and agree: This service is an automatic renewal service provided for you on the premise that you have opened a VIP service. If you open the service, you are entitled to authorize April to renew your account using third-party payment accounts, bank cards, communications accounts and iTunes accounts that are bound to the VIP account when your VIP is about to expire (Hereinafter referred to as "accounts"); and charge the next billing cycle. The premise of this service realization is that you have already bound the VIP account with the above account, and you can successfully deduct the above account, because the above-mentioned account can not be responsible for the failure of the repayment due to insufficient balances.

Unsubscribe policy

You can suspend or terminate this service by: Automatic renewal for Apple In App Payments (IAP payments, in-app purchases): Goto iPhone "Settings" --> Enter "iTunes Store and App Store" --> tap "Apple ID", select "View Apple ID", enter "Account Settings" page, tap "Subscribe", and select April VIP to cancel the subscription.

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