Privacy Policy

Effective as of 9/19/2016

Our product, April, takes user privacy very seriously. While using our product, we may collect and use your relevant information in order to improve the quality of our services. We will do everything in our ability to protect your privacy, as long as it is within a reasonable business scope. We recommend that you read the "Privacy Policy" in detail to get an understanding of what type of information we collect, how we collect this information and how we use it. By using our product or services, you agree with the collection, storage and use of your information as long as it follows the context stated here and the adherence of local laws and regulations.

This "Privacy Policy" utilizes certain professional terms; we will try to explain things as concisely as possible, so that you may understand completely.

The collection and use of information

We collect and store relevant personal information in order to optimize services and provide a better user experience.

The information we collect, including but not limited:

Information Disclosure

Once you use our product or services, it shall be deemed to be your agreement to this privacy policy, and you allow and agree with all these terms. But we shall not share your information with any third parties, or sell it, or distribute this information to others; except any one of the following situations or circumstances:

Data Security

We use a variety of industry standard encryption methods (such as SSL, TLS) to protect you during the transmission, storage and sharing of data. But you shall understand that due to the limitations of the Internet, even while using the most advanced security technology available, we cannot guarantee 100% information security. Therefore, you shall understand and confirm the risks involved when transmitting information to us. When you store data on our server, we will ensure the safety of your data through policies, physical means, logical means, etc. However, the data on your mobile device depends more on your equipment safety, so we recommend that you take the necessary precautions to ensure the safety of your local data.

Policy Updates

When there is an update on the Privacy Policy, we will display the update date at the top of the Policy in an obvious position. We recommend that you carefully check the updated content every time; when you continue to use our products or services, we shall always assume that you agree to the terms and conditions that are effective at the most present time.